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Architects, designers and contractors have been inspired to use Day & Campbell Modern Masonry Architectural Line (MMAL) of products. 

Each unit is manufactured to the highest standard to meet and exceed the CSA 165 series 04 standards.  These integrally coloured units resist fading and will maintain their distinctive beauty through the life cycle of the building with little or no maintenance, in both interior and exterior applications. MMAL products can be split, ground or polished on multiple faces and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

We can even manufacture custom radiuses including bullnosing and chamfering profiles on our ground and polished units, this allows the design professional freedom in conveying ideas through use of these versatile and durable concrete or light weight masonry units.

MMAL products are ideal for LEED® -based projects.

Benefits of Modern Masonry Architectural Line (MMAL) blocks:

  • Recycle & Environmental benefit:  100% recycled glass cullet is used in the manufacture of certain MMAL products and is sourced from either the blue box program or recycled from manufacturing facilities.  The glass has not been modified from its original state other than washing and crushing, further reducing energy consumption.

  • With Day & Campbell’s patented technology, units containing glass cullet are made and cured in our autoclaves.  The blocks are ready to polish  in just 8 hours after manufacture which helps keep your projects on time and in budget (See autoclave advantage heading)

  • Able to offer up to 97.5% pre consumer material and 42% post consumer material for LEED ®  projects

  • All concrete and light weight blocks in the MMAL conform to CSA A165 series-04

  • MMAL offers low life cycle costs.  The high polished finish will last the life time of your project

  • Graffiti can be removed easier due to the polishing process which closes most pores on the face    of the block, allowing optimum design options while balancing esthetics and ease of clean up on exterior or interior walls/spaces, when necessary

  • No VOCs

  • Most importantly, we offer many standard colours to choose from or we can work on a custom design and profile for your project.
Split Face Block Split - Rugged and heavily textured, Split Face Masonry is like rustic stone. Its surface is rock-like, yet its edges and corners are precise resulting in a subtle form of architectural expression. Split Brochure  Spec Sheet
Polished Face Block Polished - Polished Masonry has an easily visible 'aggregate' grain and a significant depth of colour below the brilliant surface. Its colour and aggregate combinations have been carefully selected to create lustre and distinction. Available in all our standard sizes as well as our large format. Polished Face Brochure  Spec Sheet 
Antique block Antique - Antique finish has stone particles slightly raised from the background matrix, creating a weather finish. Available in all standard sizes, colours, as well as our large format block. Antique Block Brochure  Spec Sheet
Ice Block Ice – Ice Finish is similar to the “Antique Finish”.  Ice has an enhanced weatherd finish, that has been polished. Available in all standard sizes, colours, as well as our large format block. Ice block Brochure   Spec Sheet
Ground Face Block Ground Face- Ground Faced Masonry products are designed for internal or external situations combining inherent self-finished decorative appeal with strength and durability. Available in all standard sizes, colours, as well as our large format block. Tylon Brochure   Spec Sheet
Shadow Block Shadow – Shadow block units are ground down on the edges while leaving a rasied strip down the middle in an either ground or polished finish.  These units offer a unique ledge profile like no other. Available in all standard sizes, colours, as well as part of our large format line. Shadow Block Brochure  Spec Sheet
Standard Face block Standard – Standard coloured units offer a smooth contemporary look at an affordable price. Standard Block Brochure  Spec Sheet
Tyl-on Masonary Block- New Innovation Tyl-on - Tyl-on® Units are made of Autoclaved concrete masonry units faced with a natural stone slip that can be used on internal or external walls. Tylon Brochure 
Omni Block line drawing Omni Block- patented insulated cementitious masonary unit. Standard Block Brochure  Spec Sheet

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