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Why Choose Autoclave Block ?

Why are more Masons and Architects choosing Autoclave Block?
More resistant to water damage

  • Autoclave’s drying and curing results in a tougher, stronger block less effected and more impermeable to moisture.

Consistency in Colour

  • Exacting control in the Autoclave process results in uniformity from cycle to cycle.
  • No efflorescence as limes and salts unite with silicates to form new structures free of leaching or efflorescence

Lighter means easier to work with

  • Dried well below standard residual moisture content means less water resulting in a lighter block.
  • Save 1,000 of lbs. in lifting and carrying our lighter block, as much as 4,000 lbs. on only 1,000 block.

Stronger than conventional block

  • Complete curing, within 8 hours, at full strength, whereas other conventional blocks making process’s take 28 days to cure to full strength.
  • Army Corps of Engineers recognize Autoclave as superior blocks above other processes.

Shrinkage is virtually non-existent

  • Save money with less wall reinforcement, few joint controls
  • Tests prove 50% less shrinkage than non-Autoclave process
  • Less volume change even when they get wet

Avoid call backs

  • Stronger, tougher block with less shrinkage and change in volume means, when installed properly, far less shifting and movement, resulting in mortar cracking virtually eliminated


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